Waste Land Research Group

The Waste Land Research Group brings members of the community and Turner Contemporary together to develop the gallery’s major spring 2018 exhibition. The exhibition’s starting point is TS Eliot’s famous poem, parts of which were written whilst Eliot was convalescing in Margate.  

The project is testing and building a new curatorial method which incorporates the knowledge and insight of members of the local community at all stages of the curatorial process.

The project explores the contemporary significance of the poem and its links to and impact on the visual arts and Margate’s cultural heritage.

The Waste Land contains many different voices, and uses quotations and references from ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture. Through opening up the research process to multiple perspectives and viewpoints, the project will diversify the development of this exhibition in a way which resonates with the experience of the poem itself.

There’s an obvious overlap with our work as a group of artists, so next week, we’re meeting the Waste Land Research Group at Marine Studios. We won’t be showing them our finished work – that gets a debut at First Friday – but we’ll be talking them through our starting points, some of our research, and the thinking behind the work we’re making.

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