100 Poppies

A series of 100 mono screen prints made in response to 100 damaged paper poppies collected from the Lochnagar Crater on 16th and 17th March 2017. One posted every day for 100 days. To read more about this work see 100 poppies 100 days


5 thoughts on “100 Poppies

  1. I think these poppies represent one hundred people, buffeted by life’s experiences, which change little over the centuries even if the technology changes. Some appear to survive virtually intact, others are destroyed far too soon, others are diseased, others are exhausted and pale, but they all have that weak spot or hole in the middle, the part that no other human being ever really gets to know. No one will ever know for sure what most of the men, including my grandfather, who died in WW1 would have gone on to achieve if they had survived, but we are their legacy, and it is up to us to make the best of our lives that they died to save, and to continue recording and remembering for future generations


  2. Hi Dawn – I have enjoyed seeing the poppies each day on FB. Looking at metaphors they make me think of how the soldiers are all the same in their training and appearance due to uniforms, but also different in who they were as individuals. The poppies are all from the same mould but can represent a different individual if bought as a memorial, as well as a collective memory representing the whole loss of people on all sides. Also your poppies remind me of Henry Tonks drawings of wounded men who were undergoing reconstructive surgery – with bits missing from their faces. The way the poppies have deteriorated also makes me think of the bodies lying in no man’s land and decaying until there came a time when they could be buried.


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