The Metropolitan Railway Company Memorial


We have received this story from a recent visitor to the From Wasteland to Wasteland exhibition and are delighted to learn how the project has inspired one person to take action.


Inspired by the work of five artists creating a variety of work based around T S Elliot and The Lochnagar Crater, I noticed a WW1 monument on my regular commute to work.

This monument is located at the Baker Street Underground Station and was erected to recognise the men from The Metropolitan Railway Company who joined to fight in 1914-1918.

Unfortunately, and partly due to its location, the monument has attracted a layer of dust and grime and is in need of a good clean.

I contacted the War Memorials Trust, whose role it is to look after monuments to the fallen, explained the situation with Metropolitian Railway Company monument also supplied photographs.

They have replied to state that Transport for London have recognised the issue and

“that the memorial will now be professionally cleaned and they are in the process of organising it”.

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