The Poppy Factory


Following on from February’s exhibition, Dawn Cole and Dan Thompson recently visited The Poppy Factory in Richmond.

‘The Factory of Remembrance’ was founded in 1922, to employ wounded soldiers returning from the First World War, creating remembrance products for the Royal Family and The Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal. In 1926 it moved to its current site, a former brewery, and employed over 300 people. Today, it employs 30 disabled veterans and disabled dependents of ex-service personnel. Together with  30 home workers, they produce 7.5 million poppies, 135 000 wreaths and 1 million remembrance symbols.

Sadly, the factory tour took in very little factory, with only a brief view of people working on the other side of a room! And there were only limited archives on show.

However – there were some interesting finds, like a cabinet of dusty letterpress which wasn’t included on the formal tour. So the pair are planning an approach to the charity that own and run the site, to talk about some future From Wasteland To Wasteland work.

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